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However, to vary him again, the professor needs elements that had been stolen and hidden by the poltergeists in the manor. Enter the manor and climb up the staircase in the centre room. Then climb up the spiral stairs immediately west to find Professor Oddenstein. He will explain that Ernest was became a chicken when he was helping on an experiment along with his ‘pouletmorph’ machine.

She want’s you to help discover her fiance, Ernest who has gone inside the manor but has not come again but for awhile. So to start the search, discuss to Veronica standing outdoors of the courtyard of Draynor Manor. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to make use of Privacy Pass. You might must obtain version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you’re a human and gives you short-term entry to the web property.

All the quests listed here/within the ingame Quest tab are the ones available, nevertheless some have incomplete guides which are marked with an note. For these, it is acceptable to verify the OSRS wiki till a proper guide is made or help to create one yourself. As a basic notice, quest guides that are obtainable on the /v/scape wikidot are extra accurate than the ones on the Oldschool Runescape wiki. Always check right here first for a guide earlier than you look on the OSRS wiki. Head again to the professor, give him the items, and ernest will fortunately turn back into his human form. To get the poison, head right down to the first floor to the small room in the northwest.

She wants you to search out her fiancé, Ernest, who had gone to the manor an hour ago for assist and has not come back yet. Climb up the steps, then climb up the spiral staircase to the west. This article on a quest has an related dialogue page. Finally, return the top flooring and talk to Professor Oddenstein.

osrs ernest the chicken guide

Go to the westernmost room on the ground ground. Search the bookcase on the left side on the wall, to realize entry to a secret room. Look for a ladder that leads downwards, and climb down into the basement. There will be doors and levers round you. Follow the steps given beneath to acquire the oil can. Go south and use the poisoned fish food on the fountain within the south-west corner of the grounds.

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