Video Bokeh Museum

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Boarding House Name: Video Bokeh Museum
City/Municipality: Aborlan, Palawan

Japanese Video Bokeh museum is a term or phrase commonly used in the world of videography and photography. Video or bokeh photos will produce images or videos that focus on a particular object. so that the background of the photo or video will be blurred.

By adding a bokeh effect, disturbing elements in photos and videos can be blurred so that it will focus on the object. This technique is usually used to take real objects such as photos of faces, products and much more.

What is Japanese Museum Bokeh Video?

The word bokeh is familiar with negative connotations but actually bokeh is a photography technique. Bokeh comes from the Japanese word boke (ボ ケ), which means “hazy” or “fog”, or boke-aji, “fuzzy quality”. In Indonesia, Bokeh is spelled BOH-Kə or while the other spelling is BOH-kay.

Bokeh is a visual effect that requires special shooting techniques to get a soft blurred background. You need to use a specific lens and change the camera settings to ensure that the light behind the object being shot is out of focus.

Good Bokeh video effect depends on 3 factors: distance between subject and background, Aperture (depends on lens), and your focal plane. These three factors are often referred to as the exposure triangle or exposure triangle.

Download the Latest Full Video Bokeh Museum Without Sensor Android Link Application

Even though to create a bokeh effect you must have a lens with special specifications, this does not mean that this effect cannot be obtained using a smartphone camera. Some smartphones even have built-in applications to support bokeh effects on videos

If you use a smartphone, this technique can actually be used manually, but you can also get it through the help of an application. Each application has its own features and advantages. Here is a list of applications that are able to create a bokeh effect in a video.


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